Swallowtail, Seraphim and Shoalwater

and I should say Little Arrowhead as well because this is actually finished! I shall have a picture soon.

Swallowtail is finished but not blocked and so doesn't warrant a photo.

Seraphim is maybe 1/3 complete:
I am using Kid Silk haze shade Trance.

Now Shoalwater .....this is going to be next. My big problem was what yarn to use because I really like the look of the shawl pictured on the pattern. I've been unable to find where I can buy the yarn used - Cherub from "Wool in the Woods" and the colourway used seems to be no longer available.

But that look is exactly the look I wanted to achieve and from the yarns available to me Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Merino yarn in colour Moody Blues looks as if it might be just what I want. It's ordered and should arrive tomorrow. I know I shall cast-on immediately.


Anonymous said...

That's an impressive amount of knitting you're getting done. We're both using KSH Trance at the moment. Isn't it a lovely colour!

I like the look of the Shoalwater Shawl, all undulating waves.

Mick said...

that looks great, lovely colour.