Little Arrowhead and Seraphim

Little Arrowhead Shawl from Interweave Knits Fall 2006
Handmaiden Lace Silk Colour Paris. I use about 70gm on 3.75 Addi Bamboo
Started 18 Sept
Completed 23 September

The shawl is much nicer than the photo shows with lovely bright colours and that swishy feel you get with pure silk. I wish I could work out a way to photo these shawls to show them off better.


I love the KSH Trance I am using for this shawl but from the beginning I've wondered whether it is the best yarn for it and should I be doing Alice's "Winter Companion" (scroll down). However, that is resolved now...I shall knit a winter companion next.

Seraphim didn't get off to a very good start because about halfway up the plain stocking stitch part of the shawl I discovered that I'd reversed the knit and purl rows so it started with knit on the right side and then after about 4" changed to purl.

OK. That was undone and reknitted and progression was slow but steady until I reached chart 3.

I really came unstuck here when I couldn't work out the stitch count for the first few rows and decided that there was an error in the pattern. This despite Googling like mad and not finding any errors listed. So instead of carefully working it out, I fudged my stitches and blundered on rergardless, quickly emailing a query to Miriam who designed the pattern at mimknits.com and very many thanks to her for her quick response in pointing out what I was doing wrong.

Unfortunately I had worked like a beaver yesterday and because I was using shortish Brittany needles the lace was all bunched up and I hadn't noticed that my "fudged" stitches had cause the whole shawl to slant madly to one side.

So at 6am this morning I had to undo 18 rows of lace.....bad enough because of course I never use lifelines, do I? But even worse to be undoing kidsilk haze. What a nightmare!

Enough complaining. It's back on the needles and I'm on row 3 of chart 3 and all is going well.


Anonymous said...

Kathryn, it makes me shudder to think of all the knitting hassle! Brrrrr! You obviously have staying-power as you seem to be motoring along nicely now.

That Little Arrowhead shawl is stunning. The colours are so beautiful. I'm sure my heart skipped a little beat when first I saw it. Gorgeous.

Lyonheart said...

Oh no, all that tinking and of lace! Your Little Arrowhead shawl is just beautiful - I'm very taken with it.