Lace Knitting

I don't know how I missed this knitalong but having found it, I couldn't resist.

I shall soon have my Forest Canopy shawl finished and blocked so that will be the first for Lacevember. The second, and already cast on, is a second "Little Arrowhead" from IK Summer 2006, this time in Handmaiden Seasilk colour Mineral.

This is the work-in-progress.

As usual, unblocked lace looks nothing. Its glory will be revealed by the blocking. Progress will be slow because my knitting is being seriously hampered by my dizziness.


Dipsy D. said...

Your shawl is going to look absolutely stunning once it's blocked and finished - I so love the yarn you're using for it! I'm a big lace knitting fan too, so I seriously have to wonder why I haven't joined Lacevember yet... Hmmmh ;)
Happy Knitting!

Lyonheart said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous - I adore the yarn you are using. Hope you're not feeling so dizzy now.