Happy Christmas Everyone

I took the photo a few days ago and we have finally managed to add a few decorations to it and the pile of presents underneath is hourly growing. This is the second year running that the tree hasn't touched the ceiling but even so it took a lot to make it stable. We anchor it to the panelling now because one fell over one year and although no-one was hurt it certainly was a shock!

A sad thing happened yesterday when our 98 year old neighbour died in hospital after being run over by a hit-and-run driver 2 weeks ago. What a way to go at his age. He'd been married for nearly 70 years and as you'd expect his 90 year-old wife is absolutely devastated. It seems so sad and it's very difficult to know how to be of any comfort.

It's getting quite busy here as my children all come home for Christmas with their partners and my grandchildren and I'm occupied with cooking and household things so although I'm sure I will still find some time to knit (I'm currently hooked on Odessa) I'm going to be spending lots of time playing junior pictionary and charades with my grandchildren. Hopefully the junior version won't cause as much argument amongst the adults as the standard pictionary used to.

The crib service yesterday at our village church provided a few moments of peace for me and my eldest grandson amongst the hustle and bustle.

I'll leave you with a quote from Dipsy

May peace and plenty be the first,
To lift the latch to your door.
And happiness be guided to your home
By the candle of Christmas.

Irish Proverb

Happy Christmas to you all.


Dipsy D. said...

What a tragedy happened to your neighbour - I agree, what a very sad way to go in his age, and this now when he should have been celebrating Christmas and being happy. This makes me very sad.
But still, I wish you and your family a Happy Christmas, all the very, very best to you!
PS: I adore your tree, it's so beautiful!

Christina said...

I hope you had a good day, the tree looks lovely. How did all your presents go down?