Comment on My Lace Socks

In reply to a comment left about my lace socks post (scroll down) I thought I should repeat the comment and my reply here:

Anonymous said... Those look really similiar to the Simply Lovely Lace socks from Interweave. Your inspiration?

kathryn said... I hadn't seen the IK Spring 2006 Simply Lovely Lace socks until now. I've ordered the back issue so I'll know better when that arrives but from the blogging pictures I've seen I would say my lace pattern is simpler (only one row in four has yo's and decreases - the other 3 being just knit. Also the IK socks aren't short row either toes or heels and I think they are knit top down. So basically apart from its being a sock and with a lace pattern it's quite different.

kathryn said... Actually, on closer inspection of other bloggers Simply Lovely Socks I think the lace pattern may well be the same. But then it is only an eyelet pattern and the simplest one I know.


I shall know better when I get my Interweave Knits Spring 06 but I certainly hadn't seen IK's pattern before although of course that lace pattern(simple eyelet) exists everywhere and I wouldn't know who to credit the original with. My method of working the sock is very different.
Maybe I'll have to choose another lace pattern.


Dipsy said...

As long as your method to work the sock is different, it is YOUR sock and YOUR design, absolutely! The problem is that there are only so many different stitches, thus probably every design has been around one day - and if it was decades ago in one of the vintage knitting magazines. Actually I've seen patterns in vintage magazines that were re-done in exactly the same way nowadays, and I doubt the the designers of today have seen that certain pattern in that certain vintage magazine.
But it makes one pretty unsure - at least I felt like that with the patterns I put on my blog as "Free Patterns" - I was always worrying, what if someone else has done something similar before, would they think I've stolen it? Argh! But then again, I've come to terms with that unsure-ness and you should too - we're not selling our patterns and thus not making profit with it, so whatever we come up with on our own are OUR patterns - basta ;)

Alice said...

What gets me is when people act so sneaky that they can't say these things openly. It's pathetic. I don't think people mind being challenged if it's not done in a cowardly way......

Anyway, to me it's irrelevant whether this is close to another pattern or not. I would never have seen the sock in the magazine, so I would have missed out. So I'm still saying -well done, and thanks! And still please post the pattern!