Victorian Lace Today

Have you seen this book yet??

Look at this...
and this

and this
They are all asking to be knitted.

After reading Grumperina's review I had to have it and it's everything I hoped for. There are so many lovely designs the only problem is deciding which to knit first or in my case which to knit second because here is my first finished scarf.

It's just called "Scarf with striped border" - on p80.

And of course there is a knitalong based on this book here that I've already joined before finding out that our very own Angelyarns forum had set up its own. So I've joined that as well. Thanks Cazza


Bronte said...

VLT button! I made a couple for Cazza, but she had trouble putting them up, so I'll do a blog post with them all in.

But if you like that one, do pinch it. Just host in on your own webspace, etc, etc... :-)

Dipsy said...

Awww, the lace goodness! I already put that book on top of my "Have to get that!!" list, there's obviously such a lot of great projects in it - and I'm such a lace-nut!
The pink scarf is so beautiful - what a very unique and elegant design!