Yarn for AbFab Throw

We had an exciting outing last week but first a bit of good health news. I had a letter from my consultant saying that my MRI brain scan was absolutely normal which to quote " is very good news indeed" and apparently my blood pressure control is excellent. I've got an appointment with him on Thursday (my birthday!!) to discuss reducing my bp medication. I'm hoping there were some dips in it during the monitoring period which would explain my funny feelings but we'll see.

Anyway, my treat of an outing was to the Colinette mill shop.

But I'm in a quandary about the yarns for my daughter's AbFab throw; she liked the one I made last Summer and asked me to make one for her in creamy/fudgey shades so, as it's impossible to choose exact shades of Colinette yarns from the computer screen, my husband and I went to Wales to the Colinette shop - and what an amazing place it is!! An absolute Aladdin's cave! I'm ready to go again!!

These are the yarns I bought.

I hope she likes these colours because I didn't notice until I got home what a pinkish tinge they have and pink isn't one of her colours. I've sent small pieces of yarn so she can judge for herself.

Of course I didn't just restrict myself to yarn for this throw. I picked some lovely greeny yarns to be the basis for the next throw I make for myself. And I'm indulging my love affair with brown and have bought this

to make a simple jumper to wear right now. It's "Cadenza", a DK merino in Copper Beech. Can't wait to start it. It really is much browner than this picture - I don't know why it's so hard to get these colours to display more accurately.

We went for a long walk (longer than planned due to errors in map-reading - no more to say about that) near Welshpool and that made a nice day out for Michael as wool shops aren't his thing. I think I can persuade him to take me on a tour of more wool shops as long as I'm prepared to incorporate a walk into the day - a small price to pay.


Alice said...

You always choose such beautiful yarn - this lot is making my heart skip a beat!

Speaking of which, it's good news about the scan. You must be so relieved on that front.

I wish I was to be the recipient of such an ab-fab throw, and in those colours.

Dipsy said...

Oh Kathryn, I'm so glad that everything turned out well with your brain scan! The wait till the results were in must have been very distressing, but fortunately now you know that everything is well with you! This of course doesn't explain why you've been having such health problems, but I'm sure with the medication you're getting things will be much better soon - I definitely have my fingers crossed for you!
And you certainly deserved to get yourself some goodies - wow, these yarns are more than gorgeous, such luscious, warm colours! I can't wait to see what you're going to knit up with it!

kathryn said...

Thank you for your comments Alice and Dipsy and thank you for your support over the last few weeks while I've been so boring with my ailments.

Christina said...

Glad the scan wasok and that you had a lovely time at colinette millshop. nice yarn choices you've made.

Badger said...

Great news about the scan :)

The mill shop is an amazing place, when I went I was considerably less restrained than you managed to be! I love the yarns you've bought, really beautiful colours.