Giotto Chevron Camisole and Rainforest Shawl

Isn't it lovely? A quick Forest Canopy shawl in Hand Maiden Lace Silk shade Rainforest. The colour should have more emeraldy tones than shows on my monitor - I think this second photo is a more accurate colour.

And here is a close up of the pattern.

This pattern is very easy and quick. This one was a bit smaller than the first I made but is still an ok size for a shoulder shawl - it blocked to 46" x 21" and used about 45 gm of wool.

Edited to add: I later decided this was too small and added 5 more repeats to give a new blocked size 70" x 32"

Now for something completely different.....

I used 2 x 100g hanks of Colinette Giotto on 8mm needles in shade Castagna. I made it about 2" longer than the pattern.

And I'm thoroughly enjoying knitting this sock from Dipsy although I have superimposed my own sock method Dipsy, I hope you don't mind. The lace and cable pattern looks lovely in this Hipknits Cashmere, I couldn't wait to finish it before taking a photo.

And for my "own" sock pattern......the lace pattern I chose to use is the same as the lace on Karen Baumer's Simply Lovely Lace Socks in Interweave Knits Spring 2006 except she uses Knit through back of stitch where I have used just plain knit. The sock construction however, is completely different.
It was a long time ago when I first started making socks that I chose the lace pattern (one of the simplest I could find) from Traditional Knitting Patterns by James Norbury although he uses through the back of stitch as well.....I must have always overlooked this in all my previous workings.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely shawl! Heaven!

Dipsy said...

Ohhh, your socks are coming along so beautifully! Of course it's not a problem at all that you're using your own sock method, that's what I'm doing all the while when I knit socks - I'm using the stitch pattern the instructions ask for, but heels, toes etc. are always done "my way" - makes for perfectly fitting socks, I'd say!
And I'm absolutely impressed by the shawl you did, it looks so very beautiful - a real piece of art indeed! Amazing colours too, you did a great job with it! Congratulations!

Lyonheart said...

You've been really busy! I love the shawl, absolutely beautiful colours too. What a fab strappy top, bet it looks terrific on you.

Badger said...

The shawl is just beautiful, and the colour is truly stunning.

Queen Frogger said...

Gosh, that shawl is lovely and in that yarn, perfect!

weetsie said...

Hi Kathryn,
I'm de-lurking to ask what sized needles you used for the lace silk Forest Canopy shawl? I have a skein of lace silk in my stash and would love to use it for one too! I'm working on a Forest Canopy in Seasilk at the moment (you inspired me!) just can't get enough of the Handmaiden yarns. Your knitting is just goregous!

weetsie said...

Gorgeous. Not gore-gous. I'd hate to infer "gore" into knitting. Ha ha.