AbFab Progressing...

After a weekend - well four days really - of almost all my family visiting I'm feeling brain dead so words will be kept to a minimum. It was lovely to see everyone but on Sunday there were fourteen of us for breakfast and lunch, you see when Kate comes from London the others who live more locally all like to come to see her too so it makes quite a houseful and in fact I find it difficult to talk to anyone.

And not surprisingly I didn't do too much knitting but Rachel's Abfab is coming on and will be finished this week. The colours are softer than they appear here but I am unable to get it to show better. I'll try again when it's finished.

and a close up....

I finished this Colinette plain jumper last week.

It's Cadenza - DK wool in shade Castagna which is a lovely rich chestnutty brown. Not purpley at all.

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Christina said...

I love colinette!!! The jumper is a really gorgeous colour, and I just love the throw so far.