First Colinette AbFab Finished

Rachel's throw is finished!! And just in time because her birthday is next Tuesday.

You can tell I'm pleased - three pictures instead of one! What do you think? It's nice isn't it?

It has turned out really well and I've got enough bits and pieces of yarn to make one if not two cushion covers to go with it although I might not be able to do that before Tuesday. I think the overall colour of the throw is most accurately reflected in the front fringe of the last photo.

It measures 72" x 40" including the fringe and took 800 gm of different Colinette yarns.

New Stash Acquisition

Although this came a little while ago now I can't not show you the lovely yarn my Secret Springtime Santa sent me.
It's PoshYarns Eva, a 45% Cashmere/55% Silk chunky weight mix that I think I shall use to make a Cherry Garcia cabled neck tube. I'm so looking forward to knitting this - thank you jam_mam

Another one from PoshYarn

This is Eva again but a dk yarn colour - "electric". This will be a shawl.

It's so difficult to resist buying something from PoshYarn at the regular "one-off" Sunday evening sale. All the yarn is dyed just for that evening's sale and can't be bought before and when it's gone, it's gone so it's first come, first served. You get the feeling that if you don't buy it then there will never be another chance. Actually, it's quite stressful but I think you've got it right Dee.

And the last one - Handmaiden Seasilk colour Sangria and another shawl.....

Doesn't this one just shout "Summer"!


Maureen said...

The throw looks beautiful! I'm sure the lucky recipient will be thrilled.

I also love the new additions to your stash - gorgeous colours!

natalie said...

I hope it isn't really going to live on the floor!
Is that a Rayburn peeping its' toes into the photo?

kathryn said...

It's only on the floor to be photoed and admired! And it's an Aga you can just see natalie.

Alice said...

It's so ab fab! I so love it. You must let us know your daughter's reaction!

I'm loving your new yarn but feel slightly envious ( and even more envious of the aga).

By the way, thanks SO MUCH for your msg. I am fine, absolutely 100% better. I will post about it. I really appreciate your asking.

Queen Frogger said...

I love the throw, no wonder you are pleased with it!

Badger said...

The throw is great, and I love your new yarns, they're beautiful!