Socks and More Socks

I like to have three or four different projects to be working on at the same time. One is usually a sock, one a lacy something - shawl or scarf - and something larger like a cardigan or jersey. So I don't know what's gone wrong this month. I started five pairs of socks - and have plans for at least two more in my head.

I think partly this must be due to my joining the Sock-A-Month club. And as I didn't join until March, I *need* to make two extra pairs to make up for missing January and February. My enthusiasm is fuelled by seeing all the gorgeous socks everyone is making / has made and not least by the lovely yarn arriving each month from the Yarn Yard sock club.

I'm too impatient to wait until these are all finished so here is the progress so far:

These little beauties are knitted in Noro Silk Garden shade 87. Iwas spurred into making these when I saw some similar for sale at an extortionate price on Ebay (and in fact they sold) . They make lovely slouching socks and are a very fast fun knit.

The second completed pair:
Posh Yarns Eva 4ply in colour "LoveHearts" a lovely 45% Cashmere/ 55% Silk mixture. The pattern on the legs from Miriam Felton's Razor Shell pattern.

These are more Noro Slouch socks, this time I've done the toe (and shall do the heel) in Rowan Kid Classic so that the legs can be a bit longer. The Silk Garden is colour 241.

These are going to be my Cricketman socks

They will be a very easy fit - and for relaxing in because they are 100% cashmere again from Posh Yarn. I'd intended them as normal socks but in fact they were wrongly labelled and are 6ply which is an Aran weight but as they were destined for a birthday present I decided to go ahead anyway even though there wasn't going to be enough yarn. So this is why they've been at a standstill for a while, waiting for some creamy cashmere to eek it out. There will be stripes and a little motif hopefully by next week.

This I've saved until last and is the one that at the moment I'm most excited by:

The main yarn is Poshyarn "Alice" which is handspun 100% Cashmere and I don't think it's ideally suited to making into a sock because of the handspun irregularities. But I love it and I shall have enough left to make something more appropriate with the rest. It is soooo soft. The fairisling bits are done mainly in Kid Classic and some leftover red Debbie Bliss Aran Tweed. The twined edging at the top is the edging on Priscilla Gibson-Roberts' Caspian Sea Socks and in fact I may have to undo it because I've practised on a swatch and I can do it much better now. The second sock (already well underway) will be better. I shall try and chart my pattern and post it with my other knitting notes eventually.


gilraen said...

What lovely, and so different socks!! :)

Anonymous said...

Love all the socks especially the lilac fairisle ones - they're gorgeous! K

Dipsy said...

I'm in sock heaven now after seeing your awesome work! They all look so fantastic - especially the Noro ones are truly unique and amazing!