Blooming Desert Flower

These socks are knitted in the lovely Desert Flower colourway sock yarn from Piece of Beauty. I won't bore you with my trials, tribulations and false starts of the simple little flower motif but this is the final version.

and the pair...

It doesn't matter that each sock only has one flower and that one is a bobble flower and the other is a lace flower. After all, no-one can see both sides of your legs at the same time.

Kate's AbFab

This is finished just in time for me to get it to Kate for her birhday.

The creams and browns are quite contrasty and not the subtle colour changes I think she was hoping for so I'm a bit apprehensive about her reaction. Fingers crossed that she likes it - it took ages to get these colours together. Anyway if she doesn't I'll do another for her but she'll have to come to Colinette with me and choose herself.

Inside/outside, flash/no-flash make such a difference to the photos.

It took just over 8 skeins of different Colinette yarns and measures 60" x 44" excluding the fringe.


Maureen said...

Beautiful work!

And those pictures out on your lawn - it looks so lush.

Dipsy said...

I'm so impressed by the beautiful work you've been doing! The socks look absolutely fantastic, especially in this great colourway, and the AbFab is truly amazing - Kate is going to adore it, that's for sure! Congrats on these really great accomplishments!

Helen said...

I love those throws. Yours is beautiful and I'm sure Kate will be thrilled with it :)