Glade from Rowan Classic Nature


After the first ten days of being here with children and grandchildren, now that they've gone home it is very quiet. It was lovely having them here...but it's nice just the two of us too. And we so easily slip into the very laissez-faire attitude that creeps over us with the warm weather.

I've been doing knitting in odd moments but have nothing finished to show yet. Three pairs of unfinished socks and Glade for DD3.

Glade is knitted in Rowan's Bamboo Soft which has a divine feel and fantastic drape and lovely soft colours - I'm using the one illustrated in the pattern book - Rowan Classic Nature.

But it's slow - or rather I am slow. I'm still working on the boring stocking stitch part of the body and am having lots of trouble with the yarn splitting as I knit.

You see it's made of thirteen (!) fine filaments which are loosely twisted together and I think it would be better if I were using less pointy needles because I keep splitting it and sadly don't notice until much later...I don't think I've heard that anyone else has had this problem.....

I'm hoping to be on the fancy border pattern in the next day or so.

Nikon D70 or Panasonic Lumix FZ50?

Some of the sunsets this holiday have been amazing.....

And I've had the opportunity to use DD2's camera so some photos in the last three or four posts were taken with my own Nikon D70 (a digital SLR) and some with hers - Panasonic Lumix FZ50. The biggest sun in the sunsets was with the Lumix and the other with the Nikon...same sun just seconds separating the pictures and obviously a different view point.

I have always sworn by SLRs and as soon as the prices for a digital SLR came down to my range I bought my D70 - and I love it. But...I have to swap lenses. ..and use a tripod for some of the longer shots - and I don't have a macro lens at all.
.....you can see how I'm thinking.......
Kate's camera is much lighter, no extra lenses to carry round and an "anti-shake" feature that gives sharp pictures at high zoom. Oh and did I say the optical zoom range on this little beauty is an equivalent 35mm - 420mm!! I can't hold my Nikon steady at 200mm without really fast shutter speed and even then I really should use a tripod. And lots more pixels.

I am very very tempted by this and there are some interesting prices around. I would keep my Nikon because it will take a better photo and it is definitely faster so for snaps of the children where it's so easy to miss just exactly *that* expression, only an SLR will do.

.......but the Lumix is very good and the convenience....


Jacqui said...

Someone on the forum was saying they're going to need lots more yarn that the pattern states. How are you finding it?

Bar said...

So envious of your weather. Its lovely here but a very chill north wind keeps blowing, no swallows, no bats, no barn owls, no cuckoos....
Marnie is recuperating in the garden in her bikini and our French wisteria is "the best in the Ventouse"!
Just what we want to know.
Love your photos.
See you soon.

gilraen said...

Beautiful pattern there, that yarn is very splitty indeed.

I wish I had a good camera.


kathryn said...

Thanks for the link Gilraen - I don't know why I coldn't find it!

As to whether I'll have enough yarn Jacqui - I'm not sure because I haven't done enough of the edging even for a rough estimate...and my goodness - isn't it slow!!

Jacqui said...

It may be slow but as always your knitting is looking very professional. I'll keep my fingers crossed for quanities being right :o)

Susan @ Damn, Knit & Blast It said...

Bamboo Soft Splitting -

I'm having this problem too!

It's not you!!!

Dipsy said...

Oh yes - I do have - or did have - the same problem with splitting yarns all the way. This happens mostly when I use Addi Turbos, they're so pointy that things like that happen easily. Fortunately I still have a bunch of really old needles here that I got from my Mom, and these tend to have by far not such pointy tops - it's way easier working with them when you're using a yarn that's splitting easily!
I so can't wait to see more of your Glade, what a very, very beautiful and elegant design this is - I'd make that in an instant too! And I love the colour of the yarn you're using!
Your sunset pics are sooo gorgeous! You know, here our sunsets are not so spectacular most of the time due to the mountains just blocking the sun's way down - though sometimes the colours do get awesome, especially in summer. But when I'm on vacation, somewhere with no mountains, close to the ocean, I never miss one single sunset, and I watch each and everyone as if it'd be my last. Sunsets are so beautiful - as well as sunrises! Thanks for sharing these most fabulous pics!

Christina said...

Glade is going to look fantastic, I've not used the bamboo yet, but have heard it's splitty!! so definately not you ;)