New Stash

All from PoshYarn.

Sophia - cashmere 6ply, 2 skeins Sophia cashmere 4ply (sock), 2 skeins Eva 4ply- 45% cashmere/55% silk and 2 skeins Eva 2ply lace.

They're lovely aren't they.

But sometimes I have *such* trouble deciding on the colours and it's always hard knowing how they will be when knitted. I can only think that it's for this reason that I now belong to three sock yarn clubs - Fyberspates, Yarn Yard and Violet Green . Besides sending a special club colour each month Fyberspates and Violet Green send a different type of sock yarn too.

These are the yarns for May fromViolet Green(50/50 Suri Alpaca/Bluefaced Leicester) and Fyberspates (90% Alpaca/10% nylon).

The Fyberspates is a lovely pastel shade but unfortunately hasn't photographed well. Hopefully the finished sock photo will be better. It is really soft to knit with and feels lovely on my toes!

I really would like to join the Rockin Sock Club at Blue Moon Fiber Arts. I've seen so many lovely yarns from bloggers who belong to this and of course it's made more appealing by being closed to new members at the moment. I've tried to order some of their yarn but I just can't choose - the choice is absolutely enormous - and it's not cheap what with postage from the US as well.

Who's going to WonderWool Wales on 19th May?

I'm very much looking forward to it and - as if I needed any incentive - according to Emily, Dee of PoshYarn is offering 10% off to buyers wearing something made form her yarn - I haven't seen that confirmed on PoshYarn site but I shall certainly find some socks suitable for the occasion. In fact it will be the first time I shall have worn hand-knitted socks....I'm ashamed to say that despite knitting them non-stop I have yet to wear them....

Edited to add
PS Emily says the rumour is just a rumour. Nevermind, I shall still wear my socks on the 19th.


Emily said...

As I have said to KAthryn, i think I was barking up the wrong tree re the 10% - sorry peeps.

Oh well. I’m sorry to have confused you. I think you’ll see why I’ve retracted in a few days.

I do love poshyarn though. And I’ve bought 4 lace needles (on back order, though) from Coloursong – thanks for the tip-off.

Are you going to Wonderwool? I’m going on the Saturday.


Dipsy said...

Awww - this yarn is so gorgeous! And I'm really impressed by your colour choices, these are most beautiful! Looking forward to seeing all these goodies knit up!

gilraen said...

Ooh these are georgeous.....:)

I hope you enjoy WonderWool :)

gilraen said...

And thanks for the coloursong link I've bookmarked it for drooling over again, and again :)

Christina said...

wow - very gorgeous socks. Looking forward to seeing your glade. Nice posh stash too :)

Craftybernie said...

The shawl is BE-A-YOUTIFUL! Wow. I love the colour and the stitches. Lovely, lovely lovely.