Forest Canopy in Cairi's Laceweight

I know...another Forest Canopy...Well I'm making no excuses, I love this pattern and until I get bored I can see no reason to knit a different one. I keep thinking I'll knit something else but I always come back to this and although I won't say I never make a mistake, I've finally got the hang of the pattern so it's a fairly relaxing knit and different yarns give it a totally different look.

This one is in Cairi's lovely Laceweight Hand-Dyed Yarn 90%wool in a stunning Teal colour. I wanted a slightly chunkier look and feel for this shawl so I hope you don't mind Cairi but I've used the yarn three strands together. It's turned out exactly as I hoped.
Lovely isn't it?

I hope the recipient will be as pleased as I am.

Another view

And a stitch close-up.


I can't leave this without a brief mention of the dreaded Glade.

It is almost finished but I've got a major problem with the sleeves in that they are too long. Exactly how much too long I can't tell until my daughter has tried it on but they are far too long for me and I have long arms. The sleeves and sleeve edgings are pinned in different places so that's why one is longer than the other. I'm not sure which will be best - or neither.

Rachel had decided that she didn't want the frilly part of the edging on the bottom of the cardi but she did want it on the sleeves. The gauge is exactly right with an increased needle size as suggested by Rowan. The stocking stitch part was knitted to the right measurements so I don't know what's gone wrong. And I'm not sure exactly where I'm going to adjust it to make it right.


Lothlorian said...

MIND!!! of course I dont, it looks great I am so pleased you liked the yarn and I think using the strands together has worked very very well

Sussex Yorkie said...

Your Glade is so lovely but the pattern seems to be causing people alot of heartache.

Aknita said...

That's yet another beautiful FCS - I love the way each one is so uniquely different. I love the colour of the yarn too.

I'm sorry Glade is giving you such grief - some patterns do for seemingly inexplicable reasons don't they. Hope you manage to sort it out.

Badger said...

That shawl is stunning, and I love the depth of colour that Cairi has managed to create.

I hope you manage to get Glade sorted out.

Anonymous said...

Shawl is very pretty and cardy is lovely - I'm sure you'll sort out the sleeves somehow!!

Kai said...

That's a stunning shawl and I like the Glade to.

I actually think it looks better without the frill on the body.

Hope the sleeves are sortable.

Christina said...

I love your version of the FCS. Let's hope glade can be sorted. You can get wool from yarn snob by leaving her a message on her blog about which yarn you want - that's how I did it!!

Maartje said...

That shawl is stunning and I love your Glade!

Queen Frogger said...

What a great shawl. I, like Kai, prefer Glade without the frill. I hope you get the sleeves sorted.

gilraen said...

I so wanted to knit this after seeing your posts, and now I'm afraid!

The yarn is fabulous and I love it to bits, but I have short forearms!

Lovely shawl Kathryn, Cairi's yarn looks so rich in colour too. :)

Arianwen said...

gorgeous shawl! I really must buy that book!

Diane said...

I know someone else who knitted Glade and had it come out too long - might be worth a letter to the publishers :-/