Knitting and Crochet

I definitely prefer to knit but sometimes my fingers need a change and I want the effect and speed of crochet. I love this little "One-Skein Scarf" from Debbie Stoller's The Happy Hooker.

It tiook no more than two hours.It's very pretty and drapes beautifully thanks to the lovely PoshYarn Sophia 6 ply (DK) colour Ruby Tuesday. The pattern is in Debbie Stoller's Happy Hooker. I used a 4.5mm hook for most of it and a 6mm hook for the beginning 130 chain. It is 3" wide at its widest and 48" long used all of my 55gm skein.

This one has quite a look of crochet about it but is in fact knitted. The pattern is in Simply Knitting Spring 2006 Issue 14. I used Rowan Tweed left over from Kate's bag (scroll down) on a 6mm Addi turbo.

It's one of those Moebius scarves that were popular a while back. This one has the twist built into the cast-on which is in the middle of the scarf and as you knit you are working both edges at the same time.

Hmm...that sounds very complicated if not incomprehensible. I've ordered Cat Bordhi's "Treasuryof Magical Knitting" and I know there is a very detailed explanation here. It should arrive early next week.

I enjoyed knitting this and I think when my book arrives I shall make more!

Another crocheted one in different yarns.

The grey is "Ecological Wool" that I bought at the Knitting and Stitchcraft show at the NEC Birmingham a week or so ago and the lime and dark grey are Drops Alpaca from Scandinavian Knitting Design both used double.

The yellowy colour in the scarf is actually a lovely lime -the colour is more like the ball at the very bottom of this next picture.

Now I'm not sure exactly what to do next. I need one or two more rows of trebles but I can't decide which colour. Any ideas?


clarabelle said...

Great quick knits! And crocheted thingies! Very satisfying in terms of speed, although I just can't get into crochet....

And not sure if you mean a completely different colour on your scarf? Why do I feel something orangey might look good?

Thank you kindly for your comments on my blog! Love your knits, btw - I've been having a nosey on Rav....

Anni said...

The scarfs are all fabolous. I've been watning to do a moebius scarf for a while now.

Piglottie said...

Come back from the Dark Side that is crochet ;) Lovely scarves, and I have that moebius pattern stashed away.

Aknita said...

What great scarves Kathryn. I have mastered the art of holding a crochet hook corrctly now, but a pattern still appears to be written in a foreign language ;)

Dipsy said...

Sometimes a little crocheting can indeed be very relaxing - and I sure love all your work, these scarves are so cute and colourful! I wish I could crochet a bit better - actually I don't have that much problems with crocheting itself, but the patterns... oh well, I'm with aknita here, they seem to be written in a foreign language ;)

artyfartykat said...

I find crochet really relaxing, maybe because I can only do the very basic stuff!
I love the scarves, I'd like to have a go at a moebius too, yours look great.

Knittings Nice! said...

Hello Kathryn, thank you for visiting me and leaving a message. Just browsing and having a good ol' nose around your blog, am loving it so much nice stuff.,, the swan lake stole os scrumptious.