Brief Hiatus

I've been without my pc for a week!! It's the first time I've ever been without for more than 24hours!! Even on holiday I have a laptop.

I went to hospital a week ago last Monday for a one day or possibly day and overnight stay for a"repair"and didn't come home until Saturday night and things still aren't quite right even now. I've got to go back for the day next Thursday.....hopefully everything will be ok then.

I have to say I really missed the forum, blogs, ravelry, on-line shopping..... Knitting was ok because I had some simple sock knitting with me so when I felt like it I could knit lying down and I've finished the odd other thing too. Just need to photo them... I'm looking forward to getting my yarn out...I had the new Interweave Knits and the Holiday 2007
with me (preview here) and I've got lots of thoughts for next projects, I just need to find the right yarn because I'm being good and it's going to be stash knitting. Well, most of it!

It's very strange being home and I'm supposed to take it easy but unless I'm actually in bed I keep seeing things that need to be done... the house has been "igored" in the extreme. Being in hospital was the first time ever that I can remember being looked after - not counting in childhood. I suppose that's what being a mother is- you're always the one to do the looking after.

PS The definition of the verb to igor is here. Thanks Clarabelle


Piglottie said...

I do hope that you are managing to get some rest! And I hope that things get sorted out soon. *hugs*

clarabelle said...

Oh poor you, Kathryn - bodies - who'd have 'em? And I do hope they looked after you well in hospital - I'm sure you deserve it. Hope you feel better soon, and we get to see your latest lovely knits.

I'm so touched that my verb has entered 'blogspeak' (stifles a sob)!

Btw, I've just bought the pattern for the South Seas stole! Yippee!

Knittings Nice! said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog.....as others plenty of rest and lots of tlc.

Dipsy said...

Oh Kathryn - I'm so sorry to hear about the health problems you've been having! That unexpected long stay at the hospital must have been such a bummer too! I'm sending over lots and lots of good vibes and positive energies to you and hope that you'll be feeling much better soon! Please, give yourself some rest and take good care of yourself, will you?

Aknita said...

I hope you are feeling more rested about resting Kathryn - which you must, you know, hard as it is!

Hope all goes well tomorrow!

KnitYoga said...

Kathryn, so sorry to hear that you've been having health problems. Make sure to get plenty of rest and hoping you're feeling much better very soon.

Arianwen said...

hope you are feeling heaps better anytime soon. I love your twist and lace scarf very pretty.