More Marvellous Mitts

First a big thank you for all your hugs and best wishes. The surgeon said everything was going well and that I didn't need to see him for a fortnight but needless to say, I'm still worrying. And that is despite the relaxing session of distant reiki from Donna who I'd found some time ago through her knitting blog.

Marvellous Mitts

I started my second pair of these mitts soon after Christmas and have worked on them when I could.

And, yes I have made a pair!

The colour is somewhere between the second (indoor) photo and the first two (outdoor) photos. I used YarnAddict yarns - I can't remember the names of the colours, in fact they probably were from the Sock club.

Simple Gloves
These are based on the gloves in Sandi Rosner's book "Not just Socks and are knitted in Lana Grossa Meilenweit Fantasy shade 4830. I used magic loop with 2mm Addi turbos
They were fun and very easy and I will knit them again but next time I'll use a softer yarn.


Kai said...

Those Mitts are absolutely gorgeous.. :) Cool gloves too.

kim said...

Oh, I'm so glad you got some good new! You do such lovely work. I'm still trying to get the hang of stranded knitting. The mitts are beautiful.

clarabelle said...

It's so good to hear some positive news about your eye, even though I know you're still worrying. Fingers are still being crossed!

Your gloves/mitts are wonderful - I'm off to buy the Marvellous mitts pattern.

belaybunny said...

your gloves and mitts are very lovely.

Helen said...

Your stranded work gloves are beautiful. Lovely colours and patterning :)

Probably Jane said...

I had been wondering how you were - glad to know that things are on more of an even keel - I hope as time goes on you can relax more and more.

Marvelous mitts! I like your choice of colours very much - make me think of hollyhocks for some reason...

Aknita said...

What lovely mittens, gloves too.

I do hope things continue to go well for you - please try to stop worrying!

Anni said...

Gorgoeus mitts and gloves. Seen those mitts on a few blogs an they always look stunning.