Lily of the Valley SmokeRing

This is my second attempt at Susan Lawrence's lovely Lily of the Valley Smoke Ring. I think this colour suits me more than the Mushroom Jaggerspun Zephyr of the previous one did.

It's as yet unblocked but I couldn't wait to show you a close up of the lily of the valley pattern.

I used 3.75 Addi turbos to knit the lovely Qiviut I had for Christmas. It really is as soft and luxurious as everyone says!
ETA I didn't use Addis - it was Knit Picks Options.

Now this next one is Regia Bamboo Color #1064 Ethno - 45% Bamboo/40%Wool/15%Polyamid and I have actually completed the pair of socks. As soon as I started knitting I was absolutely in love with both the colour and drape of the yarn and in fact so much so that I've ordered more - lots more - to knit a little v-neck cardi. I hope it comes soon while I'm so enthusiastic because a 4ply cardi won't be the fastest thing and my attention span is poor.

What do you think?
As usual my photo does not do justice to the yarn.

My eye seems to be doing what it should and I'm doing my best to be relaxed about it. The surgeon that did this last operation could see that I was a worrier and he's given me his pager number, home number and several hospital numbers so that if I have any urgent worries I can get in touch with him quickly and I see him each week as well. All of which is very reassuring.

I've found this RNIB site and forum really helpful. It makes such a difference to hear of other peoples with similar experiences.

And another very useful aid is the Audio Description provided for lots of tv programmes. It does exactly what it says and where there's no dialogue it tells you what's going on. Good for knitting while tv watching.


Kai said...

the smoke ring is lovely.. love the colour!

And the Regia Bamboo is gorgeous to work with.

Hope the eye is getting better. Nice to have a surgeon that understands how worrying it can be!

susan said...

Wow, a Qiviut smoke ring. I'm jealous.

kim said...

Oh, I so heart that your smoke ring. It's just beautiful! Glad to hear that things seem to be mending properly.

donnac1968 said...

Love the smoke ring, you are right it does suit you ;o)

I just made a pair of Monkeys in the Regia bamboo and I love them.

Amanda said...

Thank you for the kind comment on my shawl!

I think I might just be a bit jealous of your smoke ring though - qiviut! And that lily of the valley pattern really is lovely.

Probably Jane said...

The smoke ring is gorgeous -I can only imagine how it feels!

clarabelle said...

The Smoke Ring is so pretty! I love that stitch detail.

I do also like the Regia Bamboo (I have a pair of socks in Ethno too!), though I've found that it bags a bit. Not sure whether it's the yarn or my knitting!

Glad to hear things are on the up with your eye. Your surgeon sounds like an angel!