Precious and a Top Down Sweater

I must show you this photo of my daughter in her newly completed Precious from Kim Hargreaves Heartfelt - The Dark House Collection

I am so proud of her!!

It's Kidsilk Haze and beaded all over. Hasn't she made a good job of it?

It was only last year, on holiday in France, that she asked me to show her how to knit. She wasn't a complete beginner having learnt the basic stitches when she was at Primary school (and probably did the usual scarf for a teddy) but she hadn't been interested since then until last year - 25+ years later. Luckily I'd brought lots of exciting yarns and a good selection of needles so I could show her a bit of what knitting today is all about. And she's been hooked!! It's so nice having a real live knitter to chat to!

She hasn't got a blog (yet) but I've got her addicted to Ravelry and I'm sure the blog won't be long....

Top-Down Raglan

I've arrived very late to this type of construction of a sweater which has the try-it-on as you go appeal and no seaming!!

There are loads of them about - all the Zephyrstyle ones and the Knitting Pure and Simple range for example but I couldn't find exactly what I wanted. So many of them have wide/loose necklines and while not wanting a tight rollneck or tight crewneck, I definitely didn't want one that was so loose that I would keep fidgeting with it to stop it falling off my shoulders.

Then I saw this on Sarah's blog.....exactly what I was looking for but no pattern.

I'm not really very confident about knitting without a pattern but with Barbara Walker's book "Knitting from the Top", Pamela Costello's "Incredible Custom-fit Raglan Sweater" from Woolworks and modifying Stephanie Japel's "Raglan from the top down" I've arrived at what I hope will be just what I wanted.

Its still got one sleeve to go but I can't resist a progress picture.

I think it's going to fit ok but I didn't try it on as much as I should and my tension varies so much as I go along. I've really enjoyed knitting this way so it'll be the blueprint for lots of future ones


kim said...

Oh my! I love the Precious! I just bought yarn to make this and received some more today as a gift. I doubt it will look that pretty on me, but seeing yours just makes me want to make it that much more. Your daughter is very talented!

a blossom knits said...

Wow! Your daughter did a nice job!

clarabelle said...

Well done, daughter - Precious looks fabulous!

And I have a feeling, Kathryn, that once you've knitted a top-down/bottom-up/seamless jumper, you won't want to go back to the 'old' way...

Kai said...

Precious is gorgeous! Well done DD! :)

Love the jumper too.

Sarah said...

Your daughter did a wonderful job on Prescious!

And, look at you going to town on your own top down raglan - it's perfect!!! Please, please do a modeled shot when done, I'd love to see it! Congratulations!!

Aknita said...

Your daughter has made a beautiful Precious. Sadly my own daughter seems to have no inclination to follow in her footsteps.

Sandra said...

Your daughter looks lovely in her Precious. She has done really well to pick up knitting again.

I wish my daughter would too. I did point her in the direction of an instructional website a year or so ago, when she asked about knitting, but I'm sure she hasn't done anything about it, and she lives too far away for me to show her.

Probably Jane said...

Your daughter has made a great job of precious - and it suits her very well.

I'm a great fan of top down knitting. Your jumper looks like it will become a firm favourite.