TopDown Raglan1 Finished

But first I'll show you the progress on TopDownRaglan #2

and a better one showing the colour

It's Regia Bamboo colour Ethno. Basically the same as my first but a modified neckline and generally a snugger fit. I'll post full details next time when it will be finished- hopefully as #3 is in the pipeline. I can't believe it's been at least a fortnight since I had socks otn....I don't think that's happened since I knit my first sock...

But onto Raglan #1 (and I'll apologise in advance for the photos and not mention them again)

In the second picture I've reknit the bottom to make it a couple of inches longer.

It took 9 x 50gm balls of Rowan Classic Yarns Luxury Cotton DK Shade #257 - Char using
Knit Picks Options 3.75mm(US 5) and Addi Turbo 4mm for the sleeves because by then my gauge had changed.
Gauge 7st = 1"

And what I did -roughly

Cast on 80 sts.
Join to knit in the round, place marker at centre back for beginning of round and knit about 9 rounds of stocking stitch and on last round place sleeve markers like this:
k15, pm, k1, pm, k8, pm, k1, pm, k30, pm, k1, pm, k8, pm, k1, pm, k15. All the k1 stitches are "seam" stitches.

Now start the raglan increases by increasing before and after each seam stitch.

As the knitting grows you'll be able to try it on and when it meets under your arms you're ready to separate the sleeves. It measured 9"from the "neckband" (measured along a raglan seam) and the front section had increased to 92 stitches.Work the next round and slip the sleeve stitches onto spare yarn when you come to them and continue working in rounds until it's long enough. Then a bit of 2x2 rib and the front and back are done.

Knit sleeves, decreasing every 4th or 5th round - I followed the shape of an existing sweater and I finished with 5 rounds of 2 x 2 rib and then 6 rounds of st st so that it would roll like the neck.

What I've learned from this:

1. I think it needs to be a bit longer.....I've fixed this....
2. The neck should be smaller - quite a lot. Although I measured it, in wear it seems to stretch. I've sort of fixed this by working some back stitching at the bottom of the neck roll. This has tightened it up and it fits better.
3. I think the neck line would be improved if I did two rows of rib and then some short-rowing after the neck roll so that the front would curve down like a smile. (I've done this on the next one and it's much better)
4. The raglan length might need to be adjusted to fit more snuggly.
5. Should I divide the stitches so that less are on the sleeve sections? I don't know yet.

You can see I'm enjoying myself with this...


clarabelle said...

I think both jumpers look great - I especially like the brown one on you. It's just so wonderful not to have yards of seaming to do, isn't it!

I've knitted top-down and bottom-up jumpers and I'm not sure which I prefer. I like the neckline on my Hour Glass jumper (it's square-ish, and you knit a hem which you then turn under and sew).

donnac1968 said...

What a very simple but effective pattern, thanks for sharing it. I might give it a go sometime.

belaybunny said...

the jumpers look great, I love top-down stuff best of all!! And well done to your DD on her cardigan, it looks lovely.

Aknita said...

I am going to try top down one of these days. I have three projects to seam and keep on finding something else to do instead!

Thank you for sharing the pattern

KnitYoga said...

I love the idea of the top down approach and being able to try on jumpers as you knit. Both jumpers are fabulous but I really love the look of the Regia Bamboo - the colourway is gorgeous! I can tell you're having fun! :-)