Tempest and Chanson


I was just trying to find a mirror with a fairly neutral background to try and self-photo my finished Tempest (!) when in the spare room I found this....

It's been blocking for over a month!!! I just totally forgot all about it and couldn't even remember what it was when I first saw it. I've posted a previous photo but it wasn't quite finished then and certainly not blocked so I feel justified in showing this one again.

Of course it's Rona Lace Shawl from Knitpicks and the yarn is Violet Green's Silk/Cashmere 2ply lace in colour Emerald.


This must be one of the fastest little knits in existence.

It's Tempest from Spring Knitty 2008. I used Poshyarn Lei in colours Floozy and Harmony on 4.5mm needles. And I used exactly one skein of each with just six 10" long strands left over for emergencies! I knew there would only just be enough yarn but I hadn't realised how close I was to not having enough. It has knitted into the lightest softest thing you can imagine.

It will fasten -it just needs buttons - oh yes and I might have to block it. It would have been easier to seam if I'd blocked the pieces but there you are.

I enjoyed knitting this (apart from all the time wondering if there'd be enough yarn) and I shall knit another. Although the size I knitted - the smallest- fits me (just) with negative ease, I feel more at home with slightly more ease and so next time I shall do the third size and I shall knit the fronts and back at the same time to avoid some seaming. And I don't think I'll slip the first stitch of each row as given because I found my row ends were very loose and not easy to seam at all neatly. And I shall have enough yarn to make the sleeves longer.

Oh yes, there's this as well -

Soo was sharp eyed and spotted it blocking on the kitcen table in one of the yarn shots last post. It's Chanson En Crochet and I saw it first on her blog - thank you Soo!.

It's a very speedy little capelet from WrapStyle and available here. The yarn is the RYC Bamboo Soft that was originally knitted into the beautiful-looking but ill-fated Glade. I was very glad to find a use for it because it's a lovely drapey yarn (although *very* splitty). I see this needs a button at the top too.

Thank you for your good wishes for my eye op tomorrow. Fingers crossed.


kim said...

Your Rona shawl is just amazing! You seem to do lace so effortlessly. And the little capelet is a beauty as well.

Of course, best of luck tomorrow!

clarabelle said...

I've just read this post and my mouth is still gaping open in wonder! How can you just stumble across a mystery shawl! How can you have forgotten something so gorgeous! How can you have knitted Tempest so quickly - and the crocheted cape! Stunning stuff (and all fantastic)!

All the best for tomorrow... I shall be thinking about you!

Kai said...

Rona is simply stunning!

I love your Tempest. Those colours are great!

And Chanson is gorgeous. I have it on my to-do list, since seeing it on Soo's blog!

Soo said...

Wow! What an amazing collection of finished objects! I have the Rona pattern in my (very large) stack of 'next' projects. I think your picture might have moved it up the list.

jamie said...

um. so let me get this straight. you had a cashmere/silk green shawl blocking in your spare room for over a month and had forotten about it? I have an idea. Let me 'store' it for you? :) Kidding aside, it is gorgeous! Great job!

Aknita said...

I've been known to forget things from time to time Kathryn, but not a lace stole :-)

Isn't tempest lovely - I shall have to make on I am sure.

I do hope all went well with your op.

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful FO's.

I sure hope your op went well.

KnitYoga said...

All of your knitting is gorgeous, as usual but how could you possibly forget about Rona!! It's stunning! I'm always amazed at the sheer productivity of your knitting. You're like a machine churning them out! ;-)

Anonymous said...

gorgeous knitting, as always. your lace work always inspires me to have a go, although I'm not your high standard. I must have a go at the circular pattern sometime soon!!

Anni said...

Wow, the circular shawl is stunning. Absolutely amazing. Love the cardi adn capelet too.