Yarn for Tempest

I've been knitting - even finished another Flutter scarf and anotherBoogie-Woogie slipover vest in fact I don't think I've shown you the first one yet. But more of those next time. For the moment I am completely fixated on Tempest. I absolutely love this little cardi. It looks perfect for this cooler summer we're having and it's such a fun looking knit using only two hanks (yes two!) of sock wool which is easily obtainable in so many different colours. How can I go wrong?

Well, the trouble is that there is just too much choice. I can't make my mind up. No, that's not quite right; the problem is that I don't have the right colours in my stash - not the right colours in the same yarn. I keep ordering more but it is very hard to colour match on the computer screen.

I've whittled down the four large boxes of sock yarn to a short list. I'm trying to choose from these gorgeous yarns

You can see them in more detail here. There's quite a lot of Bonnie from the Yarn Yard here.

And this little lot that arrived today. The big hank is a massive 250gm skein of Fleece Artist BFL 2/8 colour Sea Storm from Red Bird Knits in Canada. I ordered it last Thursday and it's here today!! Three working days!! How impressive is that? I also ordered a little stash of Jitterbug from Colinette on the same day. Colinette to here is only just over an hour by car but there's no sign of that yet.

Oh yes, the other two yarns are both Cherry Tree Hill from Woolly Workshop - Colours Green Mountain Madness and Life's a Beach. Also very impressive next day service and Gill has very kindly suggested some solid colours that will look good with those and also helped me choose Dreamy and Tulip from the new Indie Dyer Yarn range.

And these came today too.
Three skeins of PoshYarn - Lei colours Harmony and Floozy and Laura colour Serenity- sitting on my new Denise needle organiser.

If I can't find two that I want to use from these, together with the ones that should arrive tomorrow then I will have to wait until I can be somewhere where I can choose irl.


Arianwen said...

You look like you have enough yarn to make several! I look forward to seeing what colours you eventually choose.

donnac1968 said...

I think the two blue hanks from the third picture would look good.

clarabelle said...

I'm basically green with envy! Not sure I can suggest colour matches whilst in gritted-teeth mode, but I must say that skein of Fleece Artist is simply gorgeous!