Socks and Addies

Sock knitting was a very relaxing change in the middle of my Summer of Lace when I completed two lace test-knits - the second is still under wraps so I'll tell you about it another time.

But the socks....these are Rivendell from the hard to find Eclectic Sole byJanel Laidman. It was restocking almost everywhere I tried to buy it except from Paradise fibers who really have an excellent selection of sock books.

I'm enjoying a spell of using solid or semi-solid yarns and letting the sock pattern do the talking. Quite a change from my usual approach of speed first. I've posted pics of these before but not since they've been absolutely finished, so I am including them now.

I had to slightly modify the pattern because I wanted to do toe-ups. After several false starts I decided my charting techniques weren't up to reversing the lovely flowery thingy in the middle so mine is actually upside down. Otherwise it just looked messy - you can see a pic of the mess in this post. I had to start over.

And I'm pleased with it now.
Oh yes, the yarn. Colinette Jitterbug #Wasabi Squeeze, 2.5mm Addi circs. Toe-up.

And a wip - and with this one the yarn is definitely talking - shouting

It's Fyberspates Echo, a self-striking self-striping bfl sock yarn and this colour is Harvest, bought from Get Knitted. Jen from Fyberspates was wearing a pair in another colour at i-Knit day - at least I think it was Jen.

I started with 2.25 circ and about 5" after the heel, changed to Addi 2.5mm and then began increasing until it was right for my knee. It will have a bit of rib and I hope that will be enough to keep them up. I've never knitted such long socks before so I'll have to wait and see.

I hadn't heard anything about these Addi Click interchangeable Turbos that I saw at Knit-O-Matic - not available yet but to preorder and available soon! Not that I need - or can afford - any more interchangeables. But they are Addis ... And it'll be nice for people who haven't got any interchangeables to have another choice. And they are Addis...

You can tell I love them already!


gilraen said...

Gorgeous!!!!! I love this pattern :)

Yours looks fabulous :)

blog-blethers said...

What beautiful socks! And agree with you that sometimes you have to let the pattern do the talking...

handknit168 said...

a very beautiful yellowish sock. love it.

Anni said...

Love the socks especially the yellow ones but the stripy ones look fabtoo.