Hectic Times

I know - it's the first post for ages and not a single photo in sight....sorry.

It's been just a little bit hectic here for the last two or three weeks with dd3, her husband and their three children aged two and a half, one and a quarter and 3 months staying with us. They're on an extended visit while the house that they've bought is renovated - their old house is now rented out and the renovation is going to take at least three months so Michael and I are having to make some fairly major adjustments in our daily life. For me the hardest part is having virtually no time to myself when I'm used to all day on my own but the upside is that I get to spend lots of time with my daughter and youngest grandchildren.

I've joined Woolly Wormhead's Mystery Beret KAL on Ravelry here. I think it's just the sort of useful, interesting and above all short project that's perfect for now.

And the other thing I seem to be into is bag-making - not the knitted sort but sewing. I'm very much enjoying being able to get things finished fast. Necessary when one's time is so limited!

Pictures next time if I can get my camera out without my young "helpers" seeing.

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Arianwen said...

I have joined the woolly wormhead kal as well looking forward to it. Look forward to seeing your sewn bags we have just had a weekend of them.