Newest arrival

Let me introduce Freddie my youngest grandchild, my eighth! He was born on 18 October and weighed 7 lbs15 0z.

Isn't he gorgeous!

And here is his youngest cousin - Fearne now4 months old.

wearing Kalamazoo rib wrap booties - and they really do stay on!

And one more pair of almost instant booties

For my newborn great niece.

There are so many of us now I daren't count!
I can't believe Freddie is four weeks old!! It's funny isn't it - the more time that passes since the last blog post, the harder it becomes to know what to say.

Last post was easy...I had lots of FOs all waiting for finishing and photoing and it was *only* my three little grandchildren who are still in residence with us.

Back then perhaps I would have talked about the worries of dd2's pregnancy and obstetric cholestasis and her subsequent induction at 37weeks. And thank goodness everything went well. Then I would have talked about the worries of alpha-1 anti-trypsin deficiency that Freddie's oldest brother has and was suspected when he - Freddie was still jaundiced at 12 days.
But then my right eye began to have the same problems my left eye had had in November 07 and that had ended with two retinal reattachments - hard not to look on the black side, especially as I had plenty of time to think while having to keep my eye still and no computer and no knitting until I could see the consultant. Four weeks later it seems about the best outcome I could have hoped for. There were three little retinal holes that needed two separate sessions of laser repair and last week I was told they were all nicely sealed. So fingers crossed that that has sorted my right eye out.

So that was last week and all the worries of the previous four weeks are beginning to fade into irrelevancy and just the good things are remaining. And I'm almost feeling back to normal.

Thank goodness.

I'm still full of promises for future photos of FOs, it should be soon as they're blocking right now! But I do have one I could show you...

Gd1's wearing f.pea's " cowgirl butterfly astronaut vest" .


Pixie said...

Congratulations on your new grandson, your grandchildren are gorgeous and melts at those booties..

Glad all went well I hope that is the end of your eye problems

All the best to all xxx

Jean said...

It seems we all go thru a period of trials. I am so glad that things are returning to normal for you. How fortunate your children are to have such a caring parent, having a young family in your home will keep you young though!

Anna said...

Congratulations, what a gorgeous family! I love the little booties, they look so delicate!

KnitYoga said...

So pleased to see you back and congratulations on your new grandchild. He is beautiful as are the others. The booties are very sweet and I love the astronaut vest! :-) Great that the eye treatment seems to have worked and I hope that's the last of it.

Arianwen said...

Good Genes! Gorgeous Grand children!
Good knitting! Cute booties! Hope your eye sorts itself out soon

Kai said...

Awww... how gorgeous!! All three of them. :) and congratulations on your new grandbaby..

Love the booties and the beautiful vest.

I'm glad your right eye is ok.

Lin said...

Gorgeaou children. I hope all is well with your eyes now, it sounds awful. x

Lin said...

Gorgeous I meant!!

Probably Jane said...

I'm glad to hear you have better news about your eye and that you have such a beautiful family to enjoy.

Maureen said...

What lovely grandchildren! Congratulations on the newest arrival.

Glad to hear you received positive news regarding your eye.

Susie Hewer said...

Awwwwwwh, they are all gorgeous! Many congratulations on the new addition and that is good news about your eyes.

I love the cowgirl butterfly astronaut vest and think I'll knit one for my SIS's little girl. How old is Gd1 please, just so I can compare?

Jacqui said...

Beautiful baby, congratulations!

Some times we need to talk and sometimes we can't both are ok and those people who matter to us will still be here when the latter happens.



gilraen said...

Great genes!! They are gorgeous children! :)