Dulcavina 2

Rachel loved the first Dulcavina that I'd made last April and asked me if I would make one for her for Christmas in a pale beige colour. I found the perfect yarn in Chameleon Colorworks' Evolution Laceweight colour Mushroom - a similar weight to the Malabrigo and just what she wanted. It would have been finished in time for Christmas but I was held up waiting for more yarn for the edging. Never mind it was ready very soon after and in time for the cold weather.

P1020789And she loves it.


Serendipitously I'd got some of Chameleon Colorworks Bambino in the exact shade of mushroom and combined with other yarn from my stash was able to make another pair of Karendipity's Marvelous Mitts



clarabelle said...

Both of these knits are superb, Kathryn! I absolutely love the shawl in that shade (I've realised I just can't do the primary colours thing - am I too old?), and the ?stranded knitting is brilliant.

The 'scope' of your knitting is incredible - really inspiring!

Susie Hewer said...

Lovely (both items)!

I made the version of those gloves with fingers in as my first ever Fair Isle project last year. I actually made my own version of the fingerless gloves too by adapting the same pattern. They always get nice comments.

Mrs J said...

Beautiful, both shawl & mitts.You may have inspired me to pick up my stranded (both senses of the word!) mitts again!

Aknita said...

Kathryn, what beautiful knitting - and two such diverse projects!


Anonymous said...

They're both beautiful! I love how you made the mitts the same colour to match the shawl.

Emily said...

Your blog is beautiful! (As is your knitting) I bumped into you on the Knitting Blogs webring and had to read it all :)

Jean said...

Really beautiful projects. The scarf is actually something I could wear in Southern California as it would not be too warm and the laciness of it is so appealing. The mitts are really gorgeous too.