I'm firmly into making mitts - the Marvelous Mitts from Karendipity that were all the rage last year and in fact are actually fingerless gloves. I loved them then and I love them even more now. They are deceptively easy and very very effective.

And true mittens - the Winter Cottage Mittens that I bought as a kit from Poshyarn just before Christmas. These are a nice easy knit and I'm already planning to make them in other colour schemes.

Photos later because I'm knitting lots at once and nothing is anywhere near finished and anyway the reason for all this mitten knitting is that Winter has arrived.


It's lovely to see the transformation in the garden and the weird shapes the snow gives the plants.


Over the last fifteen years or so we've spent a lot of time in early January here in France and we have never had such wintery weather. It's been below freezing nights and most of the days since we arrived and on two nights the temperature plummeted to -10 degrees and didn't rise above -3 degrees all day. And we've had snow such as I've not seen at home for a very long time.

It came on Monday and is showing no signs of thawing yet!


We would have made a snowman so we could send a photo to the g-children but it's funny snow and just wouldn't stick together. I don't know whether it was too cold? Or perhaps the air was too dry? I don't know but we couldn't do it. Nor even make a snowball, it just fell apart.

So it's just pefect weather for knitting mittens.

I've got Bird in Hand by Kate Gilbert and Anemoi Mittens from Eunny Jang calling to be made next - well next- but- one because I've promised Rachel a pair of Marvellous Mitts and I'd like to have them made for when we get home.


amanda said...

Kathryn you have made me giggle with this post! What is 'funny' about french snow then? :D

Aknita said...

What wonderful photos Kathryn - even if it is "funny French snow" ;-)

As ever I am eagerly awaiting knitting photos.

Helen said...

Lovely wintry pictures. Shame you couldn't make a snowman, although I can't say that I particularly like snow balls!

Jean said...

I learned something new, I always thought you could make snowballs and snowmen with any snow. Looks like great weather for knitting warm garments, hope you can make a cozy fire to knit by. France must be wonderful. We had very warm temps in California today, felt like summer.

Probably Jane said...

It's definitel mitten knitting weather! I'm looking forward to seeing your colour choices.