I'm still catching up with what I knitted in France...

First let me show you my two berets - or tams -I 'm not sure of the difference.




Both in Teo's handspun Cashmere and Noro Cash Island. These really are two different hats - I had to knit the second to use up the yarn and so they are very very similar. The pattern is "Gramma K's Fair Isle Tam"by Kathleen Taylor.

Next three very similar hats - the first is loosely based on Kirsten Kapur's One Day Beret knitted in Colinette's Iona - colour Dali Morello Mash.


The second


based on Woolly Wormhead's Spring cap. Colinette's Iona #114 - Velvet Olive.

And the third, the same style but a different pose from sulky sue in Colinette's Iona #161 - Oyster Blush


I'm still trying to find one that looks good on me and in fact the last one isn't too bad but bizarrely the ones that seem to suit me best are these earflap ones.

These are both Colinette's Iris in different Prism colours



and this - same pattern but in Fleece Artist BF Aran colour Sugar Plum


Now this is possibly my favourite.


It's Elmira from Fleece Artist in BF Aran colour Sugar Plum. I love it. Although
since this photo I've reknitted the earflaps in garter stitch to stop them curling and I like them even more.

A close run thing is Chulo from Artisano knitted in Hummingbird DK alpaca, colour pheasant.


And last of all is the hat that I'm wearing most often - knit by Kate and swapped for one of my fairisle berets.


It's pretty isn't it? It feels wonderful on, she knitted it in Noro Silk Garden and I love it.

Five berets, five earflap hats and one gift.


Mrs J said...

I take my hat off to you! Fab knits!

kim said...

What great hats. I love them all!

Aknita said...

Oh my goodness, they almost need a collective noun there are so many of them.

They are all beautiful in their own right, it is hard to pick out a favourite.

I do hope you time in France has left you refreshed and restored.

clarabelle said...

Wonderful hats - I particularly like no.3!

There must be something in the air because I bought Woolly Wormhead's ebook of hats yesterday, as I decided (you guessed it) that I wanted to knit lots of hats!

blog-blethers said...

What a fantastic hattery!! I love them all:o)