Bags 1

This is the last post of "old" things I finished quite a while ago - mainly before Christmas. In fact my sewing machine has stayed in its box since then and most days I don't even pick up my knitting.....grandchildren..... I *so* enjoyed making these bags and I must show you them because I've got lots of ideas for the next ones.

All of these are big enough to hold my knitting - and other essentials.


I've arranged them in "mosaic" groups so hopefully they won't take too long to open.


All six bags above are the same basic shape. Then there are these


Ooops!! The black and white one has managed to creep in again.

These two are in plasticised material from John Lewis...


The thing is, once I start on a theme I find it hard to stop...

....and if you're not too bored, two pictures from our last stay in France two weeks ago.



This last one is special because our garden here in England has absolutely no flowers anywhere in sight thanks to the g-children who beheaded everything that could possibly ever flower.


Maureen said...

Those bags are amazing! I love the bright colour combinations.

Also - love the tiger lilies. I meant to plant some, along with lily of the valley, but didn't manage to get them in last fall.

donnac1968 said...

Wow, how long were you away, you made LOADS of bags and hats. (I'm just jealous!)

Arianwen said...

The bags are all lovely! which patterns did you use?

LadybirdLinz (:i:) said...

well if I were to call you a 'bag lady' i'd mean it in a good way lol...they are all fantastic!:D

I love the pic of the snowdrops because they are the first flowers of the year and always make smile

clarabelle said...

Your bags are absolutely stunning, Kathryn! I'm so jealous of your sewing skills (but despite that, I know that I hate sewing, so I'm never gonna sew like you!).

Oooh, I'm so sorry that your naughty g-kids have trashed your flowers - little blighters... but at least your French garden has survived!