I loved this pattern as soon as I saw it, loved knitting it and love how it has turned out. I really like the feel of traditonally heavier handknits being knit on larger needles with a lighter yarn - and weighing 3 1/2 oz, Featherweight lives up to its name.


I used one and a half balls of Zephyr jaggerspun laceweight on 4mm Brittany needles, changing to a circular where necessary and made full length sleeves that I intend to wear pushed up. I like them to be full length when they fall down. And I made the body longer too.
I started following the pattern and cast on exactly the stitches for the smallest size but found I didn't need to continue the raglan length quite as long. I picked up less stitches around the back neck - in fact three for every four I think and it has made it a snugger fit around the neck.



Altogether a perfect Summer cardigan, modelled beautifully by dd2 - thanks Kate.


Tusa said...

Lovely cardi. I might make one myself.

Aknita said...

That's a really lovely cardigan Kathryn.

Anna said...

Gorgeous! It's such a lovely colour and it truly looks Featherweight.

donnac1968 said...

Oh, it looks really big hanging up, but modelled its very petite, I love it!

Anni said...

That looks lovely.