I know I'm only looking after two grandchildren for two days of the week but it seems to impinge on each day either side too what with recovering and catching up with what I would otherwise have done on the child minding days. You can't imagine when you're thirty five but believe me it's far more exhausting when you're sixty five.

So, they're not excuses. Just reasons.

And part of my knitting is such that I can't post pictures just yet. But here are a few of what I've been doing.

These are knitted from Ysolda Teague's Mousie pattern



The larger ones (the two on their own) are 12cm from nose to tail, 3mm needles, Cashsoft DK and the smaller ones 9cm long, knitted in sock weight yarn on 2.25mm needles. The only mod was to knit the legs separately instead of picking up stitches and I decided the ears looked better attached upside down with a small pleat to make them more rounded.

I've been wanting to knit one of these lovely AK traditions knitted dolls for over a year now, ever since their adverts started appearing in UK knitting magazines. They are gorgeous but very expensive. And then there's the postage - they are in Australia. And it has proved very difficult to contact them. Anyway, I'm happy with the dolls pattern I've ended up with. Its a mixture of Laura Long's Polly from Knitted Toy Tales, Jane Greenhowe and Tracy Chapman(Toys to Knit)


I knitted the smaller dolly in Blue Sky Alpacas Alpaca Soft, slightly finer than the pattern said, so dolly was slightly smaller but that doesn't matter. 3mm cicular, magic loop colour Blush and she is 14" tall.
And the bigger one - 20" tall- is Rowan Pure Life Organic Wool dk. 2 balls 3mm circular needles, magic loop.

I've knitted quite a few clothes for the smaller one and she loves them

but have yet to make the big one's wardrobe. And they need names.

As the little one's wardrobe began to take shape I noticed some eerie similarities with my own wardrobe. Quite extensive. Seemingly random colours. And random sizes. And each item is ok-ish but sadly none really goes with any other. So I reconsidered buying an AK kit but- you know what I like most of all about those dolls? It isn't the doll itself but the clothes. And not just the clothes, it's the colours. So a trip to John Lewis and a few hours later I'd chosen a basket of yarns that really look good together, based on those ak colour schemes.

I'm looking forward to dressing big dolly as soon as I've got a bit of time although she is very pleased to have shoes.



clarabelle said...

I relate totally about the grandchild experience, Kathryn! You love them so much as grandparents, but at the same time, you just don't want all the hassly stuff anymore.

The dolls look lovely!

Karen said...

The mice are priceless! Sooooo cute. Yes, I know what you mean about taking care of grandchildren. Not only are we a little older than we were as mothers but there's more of a worry factor for some reason. Take care of yourself!

kathryn said...

Thank you both for your support.

It's so nice to feel understood in this situation.

Jean said...

I even hate to disclose this at 51 I just don't have the strength that I used to, I remember handling 3 children with ease in my thirties, now working a 12 hour day just exhausts me at work, even 10 hours just seems a bit too much, but Imanage, and updating my blog isn't what I'd like to be. So I totally understand. It's just a pleasure to read your blog when you are able to post.