The New Socks?

Have gloves become the new socks?? I was beginning to think so when having finished these


I immediately started Julia Mueller's Entangled Stitches. But not before sewing in the yarn ends and patching the little hole at the base of the fingers.


Just a few details....

My Cashmere Gold Rings are knitted from Susan Chang's Picot Edged Cashmere Gloves pattern in Skein Queen's Opulent (100% Cashmere), colour Gold Rings on 3.25mm circular needle. I started 25th November, finished 27th November although the ends have only been sewn in today. The Opulent is rated 4ply -sport but knits up really fast and worked very well with no mods to the pattern which is written for dk. Oh - I might have adjusted the lengths of the fingers, I can't remember now. And I put a little bead motif on the back of my gloves.

Julia Mueller's Entangled Stitches pattern is worked almost entirely from charts. Not a problem once I'd worked out how to enlarge the pdfs and realised that for easy reading I needed to colour the different chart elements.
The instructions are very clear and well charted but it's still not exactly quick. I started on 28th November and finished 11th December. The gorgeous yarn is Unicorn from Fyberspates, my November colour choice from the Unicorn club.
And now finished


My enthusiasm has been fanned by joining the Crafty Yarners gloves kal and I've already planned the next pair - Karen Neal's Hand Painted Gloves. I've knitted several pairs of her mittens - which seems to be the term for fingerless, or truncated finger gloves - and although the pattern is a little bit fiddley it's exciting seeing each new section.

More Toys

Little Ted


and frogs

He is Laura Long's Frog Prince - just waiting for his crown.



And these last two little cuties are Ribbit by Susan B Anderson for Spud and Chloe. One of them is stuffed with a tennis ball and should bounce but I think the yarn I used was too absorbent or the tennis ball perhaps should have been one of those really bounce balls. It was agreat pattern and so effective.


Karen said...

Oh my gosh, Kathryn. You're positive knitting powerhouse! Good for you!

Maureen said...

Those little critters are adorable! I love the first frog, sitting so casually amongst the books - so cute!

Anonymous said...

Wow! You've been knitting toys left & right! And you're so good at it too!

Jean said...

Both pairs of gloves are fab and the toys are so darling, I may have to look into those as I have a darling little great Niece who would love them.

Zyle said...

Gorgeous, really truly gorgeous gloves! Both pairs are absolute stunners. I love your toys too, so cute!