Catching Up

I've got quite a lot of catching up to do because although I've had no time to blog I've still been able to knit - nowhere near as much as usual but it's been ticking along. These two cardigans were both finished around Christmas time.


It's just a top-down raglan starting with CO 72sts on 4mm needles using Zephyr Jaggerspun colour Curry.


Using the lace weight yarn on biggish needles gives it such a lovely light but swishy feel.


I've already worn it lots - it's going to be really useful.

Unlike this one from Purlescence.


Celtic Cardigan. Scotian silk - 65% wool,35% silk. It's a sideways knitted kit from Purlescence. I knitted size small but added a very substantial band to make it more of a jacket. Otherwise it would have been too short. And I added a tie i-cord to have the option of cinching in the waist. Oh yes I made the sleeves longer.

It looks so wearable and useful but I think so far I haven't managed to put together the right outfit for it. Perhaps it will be better as a light jacket for the Autumn....


And this one, a test knit for Laura at Fiberdreams that in fact I knitted before either of these.

7 1/2 balls Sirdar Snuggly Bamboo., 3.75mm needles.Size -Small. Its a lovely pattern and the Snuggly Bamboo has fantastic drape.

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