Catch-Up Socks

Black Hills (South Dakota) was the sock that made me buy the ebook - 50Socks 50States


Laura Anderson's Black Hills Socks from 50 Socks - 50 States. Lovely pattern, easy to follow and to modify to work toe-up so that I could stay in my comfort zone and although I very often choose to knit patterns in the pictured yarn colour this time, serendipitously, it was the only Mini-mochi I had in stash. I love the colours. modified to knit toe up, magic loop, 2.5mm. Mini Mochi colour 116 - Feldspar

And then I had to join the ravelry kal and knit these


Cashmere sock yarn from Little Knitting Company. 3.25mm. Michigan Two Season Boot Socks - Terry L. Ross, from 50Socks,50States.


Sadly I've been too short of time to complete the third pair from the book in time for the kal end. Never mind, I'm hoping to finish them whil we're in France.


These are the deliciously slouchy soft Cashmere socks I made for Audrey for Christmas - my normal toe-up short-row-no-wrap heel socks. Lotus Yarns Pure Cashmere colour 30, bought from SkeinQueen 3.5mm circs, 52sts


Saviano by Yarnissima from Knitty, Winter 2009. Malabrigo sock yarn, colour chocolate amargo, 3mm circs.
I'm not very familiar with this gusset/heel flap type of construction so it was more difficult than it should have been where the written instructions had errors and unclearness. And I needed to make it bigger. I made lots of notes as I knitted because dd2 was knitting these too and I knew she would ask me what to do!
I started using 2.75mm but had to increase to 3mm for "gauge" and I worked an extra half-pattern increase to lengthen the foot.

After the difficulties of Saviano I decided I needed to knit a pair to compare heel construction.


Heel Comparison Socks, Posh Yarn (I can't remember which), 2.5mm circs


My "normal" heel is so easy that I think I've decided the other is just not worth the effort.

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Anonymous said...

That's a great bunch of finished socks, the heel comparison is interesting. I do prefer a gusset heel though.