Lazy Days

Or perhaps I should say idle. There is so much to do but I'm having serious motivational issues. Even the lawn is barely recognisable as such.


It seems to be a losing battle, there are weeds everywhere and I sometimes feel I am losing heart.


And however hard we work now I know next time we come, in five weeks or so, it will be three times as bad, it's hard not to feel we're just wasting our time.


Nothing I've actually planted has ever grown here, it seems that the "garden" definitely has a mind of its own.


Penny said...

I think the lawn is beautiful as it is! But I can understand it might not be the look you're going for! :)

Woollywarbler said...

A mow, a scattering of Weed and Feed, let it get on with it whilst you have a quick dig over those borders. If you really can't be too bothered with planting things, then go the wildlife way and go fetch some wild flower mix from one of the seed companies. I used one last year on one small patch in the garden which really gives me grief (too wet in the winter and bone dry in the summer) and it was probably the prettiest area in the garden. I literally scattered the seed and let it get on with it. Then look forward to long sunny days sat knitting in your garden enjoying what really won't take that long to sort! ;)