A New Direction?

First let me show you the two neck scarves that have proved to be my most useful this last winter because they are perfect for just around the neck warmth - and spring because they are so pretty.
First -
Barb's Koigu Ruffle.

Picture 9

I used Fyberspates Ethereal 4ply - 65% Cashmere 35% Silk, colour Red Kite. 4mm needles throughout and garter stitch instead of the stocking stitch the pattern called for.

I think the colour in this next photo is more accurate.


And the second scarf from The Natural Dye Studio, crocheted in beautifully soft Poshyarn pure cashmere -
Queenies Precious Crochet Scarf

Picture 14

5.5mm hook, Posh yarn Sophia lace weight. Web cam is handy but the light is behind and so colours not true. This is better:


But still not perfect -it is a much softer colour than this shows. And the combination of fine soft yarn and large needles give such a light, lacey appearance and feel. Not like crochet used to be!

On a different subject....

I was so pleased to find a method for making dollies with curly hair like the hair of each of my little grandaughters. What do you think of this one?

Picture 4

Its another webcam snap. I'll do some better photos when I'm home - and when she's got some clothes of her own. In fact this one looks so much more like a boy doll that I'm wondering whether to make another similar to be the third girl and let this one have football shorts and top and actually be a boy doll.

Oh by the way, the new direction referred to in the title is crochet. I've always enjoyed crocheting the odd thing in between my knits but right now its becoming a bit obsessional. I blame Queenie Amanda from The Dye Studio and and the English Country Garden cal (rav link). More about this next time.

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