Surprise Direction

At least it surprised me.

I've always enjoyed having some crochet to work on in between my knitting but I would never have said I was a crochet-er. I'm a knitter. Or was. I seem to be both now and although I don't think crochet will take over, it is certainly my current number one.

I really like using the gorgeous yarns of today and making looser, bigger stitches than is traditional to get much lacier, softer effects and of course the enthusiasm of fellow Ravelers has played a very big part in getting me hooked - er - sorry.

I've joined Queenieamanda's English Country Garden cal on Ravelry and now can't stop making motifs. There will be one crochet flower motif pattern every month until September - and sometimes two. All the motifs will be hexagons and can be joined together to make whatever.

This is the first motif - Jonquil


The one at bottom left is exactly as Queenies pattern, the other two have got a bit of extra in the centre.

Here's the second - Begonia, March 2


Only the first five are Begonias, a Jonquil has crept in at the end.

And third - Daisy. I think this one is my favourite ...


The yarns are the same for all - red and darker purple both Fyberspates Unicorn. Bluey/purple, pink and the variegated one NDS Dazzle HT.
Hook - 5mm
These are all the daisies I've made so far.


And this is a mixture of Jonquils and Begonias


I'm not sure if they will finally be a sort of shawl or a bedspread thingy. But I don't need to make that decision just yet.

One motif at a time is good for my current short attention span.


Anonymous said...

Oh how pretty! It's projects like these that tempt me towards crochet--if only I had more time!

Kai said...

I love these! I love the colours you've picked as well.. Can't wait to see what they turn into..

Oh and I'm a knitter and crocheter too. :D

Jean said...

What a lovely shawl these would make, worn over a lovely summer sun dress. Very lively.