Japanese Crochet Books

No...I don't speak Japanese but I knew I had to have these books when I first saw them on Lucy's wonderful crochet blog and they have such excellent pattern charts and pictures that words are unnecessary (I hope). I bought them from Etsy seller Pomadour24 who is so super efficient that they arrived from Japan in barely a week.


They are full of lovely little projects all shouting "make me! make me!". This is the first, underneath part of Motif A from the right-hand book - Small and Easy Crochet Projects, a very simple one to ease me into chart reading .


Then a puffy flower is made separately and stitched on top like this


and this


The yarns are Fyberspates Unicorn and NDS dazzle ht with a 5mm hook.

Thanks to everyone who commented on my English Summer garden cal motifs, I'm still very enthusiastic about these and thinking more and more that they will become a summer shawl (thanks Jean!)

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Arianwen said...

They are really pretty. Well done for desiphering the charts