Holiday Knits

I have so enjoyed knitting this.

It is "Adrift" by Carol Feller from Stolen Stitches.com. 4mm circular, Fyberspates merino/silk laceweight. Both the pattern and yarn were a present from Terri in the CTnY Secret Santa 2010(thanky ou again Terri!) and although it is a very fine yarn


It wasn't slow to knit - I think I started on 14th July and finished on the 30th and the crochet vest below was made in this time too. But there was a long car journey - perfect for lots of stocking stitch.



It has already proved a very useful wardrobe addition and I'm planningto make another with long sleeves when I can get my hands on the right wool - I want a deepish sort of green I think....or red...or black....

This one was not so easy. The hemp was hard on my hands and I struggled a bit understanding the pattern - my fault not the pattern's.


4SVest from Doris Chan's Everyday Crochet. 5mm hook, House of Hemp 2ply hemp. Edging HoH dk. Got off to a bad start on 12th July, frogged and restarted 18th July and finished 23 July. Mine is a fair bit longer than the pattern.


Anna said...

It's gorgeous, I love the shape and colour. I think I might knit one similar for myself.

Joy said...

Adrift really is stunning Kathryn.

And I admire anyone who can knit in a car................

Auntie Noo said...

They really are both lovely. I had the same problem with Doris' patterns, but once you've mastered one, you understand all of them! I love the longer idea on the vest. It looks great in those colours too.

Tusa said...

Oh! That is delicious. Well done!

Jean said...

Adrift looks really nice on you, the color can be worn with so many others - it is really almost a neutral. I can sympathize with you, I had recently worked with a cotton yarn mix and my hands always ached after my knitting sessions. Still it is pretty.

futuregirl said...

I love the crochet vest! I've always admired Doris' patterns, but I haven't made anything from them yet. It looks wonderful on you. :)