Frilly Scarflets

These are all based on Edie Eckman's lovely pattern


Edie Eckman's Flower Frills Scarf adapted to make smaller flowered, one sided, thinner and lighter summer neck "adornments".

The first one is Handmaiden Sea Silk colour Sangria 3.75mm hook.
The second, Natural Dye Studio Precious 4ply, with some Debbie Bliss (or Rowan?) pure silk mixed in, started with 3.75 hook to chain 154 and then 3mm for the rest.

The third one is a mixture of Handmaiden Sea Silk colour Sangria and Fyberspates red Unicorn.

And the last one is Hand Maiden Sea Silk - colour Mineral, 3.75mm hook.

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Auntie Noo said...

Lovely colours Kathryn. You always choose such classy yarn/colour combinations.