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I know it's not the hat season now but it will be again and anyway once I'd found Karen's fabulous pattern I couldn't stop. I even bought a little plastic pom-pom making aid to speed up the final touch. It made a nice change to start and finish a project in a couple of evenings and was perfect knitting for the spare moments in the Easter holidays.

It's funny because every Autumn for years I've searched for a winter warm hat that I actually felt good in and finally have found the perfect pattern. Amazingly it looks good on everyone that I've forced to try it on whatever size head....

Here it is -


(Don't ask about the model's nose - just don't even think about it)

I used Cascade Ecological shade 8063. The pattern is called 'I heart pom-poms" by Karen Borrel. Thank you Karen! Karen says "it's a slouchy hat that will flatter any face" and do you know it really does. I wear mine with the brim turned back but then I have a very small head.

I've so far made ten (10) of these!! But don't worry I'm not going to bore you with ten photos, these are the wools I've used.

The yarns from left to right are Colinette Skye velvet leaf, Lornas Laces, CascadeEcological (twice), Cascade 220, Manos Silk Blend 2444, Manos Silk blend 9332, PoshYarn Eva 6ply, Fyberspates Scrumptious, Sublime shade 0114.

Nell seems to fit in just here


Nell by Kim Hargreaves from Amber - A Winter Gathering.

I made size small with no mods. Needles - 6.5mm and 7mm as the pattern and Cascade ecological wool. It was about March 2011 that I knitted it, so it hasn't been worn yet.


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Auntie Noo said...

Love love love love those hats. Off to queue immediately !!