Tea Cosies

These were just a bit of fun


and this


are probably my personal favourites, mainly because of the wool I think.
They are "Pot Sock Frock and Petticoat" from Loani Prior's whacky book Really Wild Tea Cosies. Fyberspates self striping sock wool . I like the effect of the underneath layer peeping through and the double layer will help insulate but it obviously doubles the effort.

Now these are almost instant gratification because of the much thicker wool (PoshYarn by the way!)



And more practical I think because the flowery lid just lifts off so it is easy to fill the pot up. Loani Prior again, this time Rosie Posy from " Wild Tea Cosies". The bodies are made double so again there is good insulation.

And this last one from Nicki Trench's Homemade Gifts


The white showing through from the fairisle carry threads will be minimised when it's been blocked. The book version has leaves on top instead of the flowers I preferred.

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Madeleine Sara said...

Cute cosies. I've not tried those patterns. I have made a Rooster one that I will showcase sometime :O)