just a few more shawls /scarves




And the knitty gritty: Aestlight, 4mm needles in NDS Precious 4ply Silk. Bought at iKnit Day 2010 Started 29Dec 2010, finished 5 Jan 2011



The green one is Precious 4 ply and the next one is on 5.5mm needles in Handmaiden Sea Silk- one of my all time favourites and of course the pattern is Montego Bay. Knitted Easter 2010

And another repeat knit
Barb's Koigu Ruffle although not Koigu.

The bluey/green is NDS Precious 4 ply and the purple one is Unicorn


The thinner purple one on the left is a fast-crocheted curly whirly.


I love the way this scarf makes a sort of ruff round the neck.

And I think I'm just about up to-date with the exception of the heaps of crochet motifs all waiting to be joined or otherwise finished. It's been a year I think since these were started and the longer I leave them the harder finishing them becomes. I loved the crochet part and I just wish I'd turned them into finished whatevers when the crochet was finished. I want them off the table!!


Madeleine Sara said...

absolutely love all those scarves. Beautiful. Make me think off the sea. :O)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful scarves - they're all gorgeous, but Aestlight is fab. Must add it to my 'have a go' list..

(I have a similar weakness for the ruffle scarves - and they're wonderful for using up bits of stash, too.)