Bags and Rags

Way back in the Summer of 2010 I started making crochet motifs with the intention of making them into bags. Soon the actual construction of the motifs became an end in itself. One bag was made quickly - well, fairly quickly - finished around Christmas time I think and has already been pictured here and on Ravelry. Most of the motifs were made from Amanda Perkins' motif designs.

Actually now I've checked I see it was finished in May 2010 so I obviously started the motifs much earlier than I thought. Hmm....I'm a bit confused......

Anyway eventually I had so many motifs that I felt forced to begin putting them together. I've by no means used them all and will continue after October half term. These are the bags I've just finished.


The bag making has been interspersed with a dabble into rag rug making. It seems to me very appealing to be able to use up old clothes that no longer fit, are no longer fashionable but may have sentimental value and then to turn them into something very relaxing and therapeutic to make, possibly useful - and hopefully attractive. What do you think?

I am very lucky to know a very talented crafter who runs short rag rugging courses from time to time and I was able to join her last one. I love going on these sort of courses - it's so nice to meet other like minded people and I love the exchange of ideas.

Of course knitting has been going on but that will wait until next time.

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Auntie Noo said...

All gorgeous. The bags are stunning, and the rug is fantastic.