Summer Flies

In both senses.

First just a final few pictures of our Summer in France.

My photos don't do justice to the lovely sunsets that turned the whole sky red and the white tufa stone of the buildings a soft rose.



The strange beasties are just a memory now

And "what I did on my holiday"


It was Kate's idea to make this lovely little shawl Summer Flies by Donna Griffin and I had to copy her - even to using the same gorgeous yarn from Artisan Yarns. It is an unbelievably soft combination of Baby Camel Hair and Silk and there is a description of it and where you can buy it on their blog here. I loved the first one I made so much I had to make more.....

This is the first made exactly to the pattern although I didn't block it, preferring the slightly more rustic look.

I used 4.5mm needles and each one took me barely more than four days! All three used a total of exactly two skeins of Artisan Yarns Camel hair/Silk.


This one has a few garter stitch rows at the bottom to stop so much curling and so that I had enough yarn I had to add some Kid Silk Haze doubled and in fact I like the slightly furry bottom.

The next and last version is adapted from the final border of Alla Postelnik's "My version of Summer Flies" and I like it so much I've had to show you three photos of it. And it is my favourite.




By the way, the first, modelled, photo shows the most accurate yarn colour.

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