Gloire du Matin

This is one of Everlasting 's latest crochet shawls.

This is Gloire du Matin by Syl Caron, not yet available to purchase yet but I'm sure it will be soon - here.


I used two skeins of BC Garn Silkbloom extra fine lace weight bought from Loop yarn shop in London and a 4mm hook. Actually now I'm trying to link this yarn I've found that Loop no longer stock this particular one. It's a shame - it is a nice mix of 55% Merino / 45% Silk. Started 13th-ish September and finished 21st September.


Isn't it gorgeous?

I love all of Syl Caron's designs and was so pleased to have the opportunity to crochet this shawl before the general release of the pattern that I'm sure will be soon.

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Everlasting said...

I am so happy to share with you...
The yarn you used is perfect and the color look gorgeous!
Bravo :)