Spur of the moment

No it isn't the soap that is spur of the moment - lots of pre-planning goes into that! And here is a small collection of some of my latest soaps and presentation ideas.


I need to do more experimentation to be sure what has caused the lovely lime green coloured one.

Spur-of-the-Moment Crochet

My friends at the library knitting group were all making gorgeous bed/sofa throws by crocheting a very large Granny square using all their leftover wools. They looked so stunning but in an even more despondent mood than usual I was sure I could never manage to put my leftovers to anywhere near such good use.

.....but! look! at what I did!! ......




It is 1.5m square and I think will go nicely at the bottom of a bed.


I am soooo pleased!! It was a weird feeling, starting out with a pile of different yarns and very against my nature to embark on any project without a very firm idea of where it would go. They are all Colinette yarns, mostly mohair with some "tape/ribon" type yarns and mainly Aran weight although some even thicker - and with the thicker ones I crocheted two trebles in each gap instead of three. I used a 7mm hook.

My creation

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Auntie Noo said...

Your throw is gorgeous, and the soap looks wonderful too. It's wonderful to be spontaneous isn't it?