Sorry, Sorry, Sorry - Catch-up 1

Hellooo!!  Is anyone still out there??   Hmm.....it's hard to know where to start after nearly a year long  absence - but no excuses.

Time passes and seems to get swallowed up not least by today's labour saving new can't-do-without devices like my  iPod Touch.  I love it! How did I manage my music before?  And my iPad....and my iPhone.  And do I really need all three?  Of course not but they are lots of fun.  Summed up by my three year old  grandson Freddie's response when I phoned  his Mum to ask her what to do with my new iPad.  He took  a deep breath and said quite simply "....Well,  Grandma,  you play with it".  As simple as that!  I like to think I do a fair bit more,  but  out of the mouths of babes.....

So.  I think pictures are the way to go and thanks to instagram ..... no!  I'm not getting started on my favourite apps.

I made quite a few of these circle scarves last Summer, the size of the circles varied as I tried to make a fast and simple Sophie Digard look alike. Not surprisingly  I didn't succeed but I am still pleased with my efforts.

I circle scarf

These are some of the other colour combinations I tried, all using left-over sock yarn.  In fact almost the whole year has passed with almost no yarn purchases!

My creation

And although this is not really a chronological record it seems that these snowflakes are a good ending for the first catch-up.

I made them at   Christmas time and some I included in our Christmas cards, some were given as little presents and some I kept for myself.  They were mainly made from Caitlin Sainio's  lovely book "100 snowflakes to crochet " - a joy to browse through and a joy work from.

#Crochet #Snowflakes

I used crochet thread Aida 10, hook 1.25mm. I soaked them thoroughly, blocked them to shape and sprayed them with spray starch to stiffen them enough to hang in the window or on a branch. And I made about fifty!! Some went to the library to hang on the "knitted tree" the library knitting group made.

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