Once there was a fig tree....

This is the fig tree last year.

 If you look carefully you will see that it is almost touching the house wall and there is barely room for the little table on the other side. The lawn is 12 yards wide.
 It seemed that pruning it just encouraged it to grow more and more but we loved it - and especially its fruits -  while they were ripening

and when they were ripe

and the pretty cyclamen that grew underneath


We realised last Autumn that drastic action had to be taken so we took a few deep breaths....


and  now although there are lots of shoots  I can't help feeling we've made a big mistake.


We will see what happens over the Summer but I think we have to  be even more drastic.  I don't think this new shape is a good starting point.


fabriquefantastique said...

well, we shall see. I do so hope it fruits well again

kathryn said...

Fingers crossed! But I've got my doubts.